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Garmin is undoubtedly one of the best brands to choose when seeking for a new Garmin and their wide range of all products. If your Garmin device has stopped working then resetting it will usually fix the issue.

If you reset your device it will clear your cache and temporary memory files from GPS, which can be restore to normal working order. If you only want to reset the trip data that it recorded, you also can do that without any restriction.

You can perform a system reset at anywhere and anytime and a trip reset can be accomplished from the map screen.

Causes when Garmin GPS Stopped Working

When GPS Locked

Sometimes a Garmin becomes Locked in which a screen prompts you to enter a pass code before your device will continue to work. This is to provide you security against illegal access or eliminate the chances of stolen your private information. But there are few chances when it can become locked by accident.

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Lost Satellite Reception

If any point of your Garmin GPS loses contact with the satellites that send it information of a particular location. The device will stop giving you real-time driving updates. There can be many reasons, if you are crossing from a tunnel or hilly areas then your device may lose its connection. Don’t be panic once you re-enter clear ground the GPS will locate the satellites once more.

Deleted Maps

If at any point the maps on your Garmin GPS get deleted accidently, it is easy to restore them again. Register for an account and log in on the Garmin web page. Select “Manage Maps and Downloads” from the options at the top of the screen. Click on the icon for your registered GPS that comes up, and then select “Details” and “Download Again.” Plug your GPS into your computer; this will restore all of its original maps and any updated ones you may have downloaded.

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